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    What we do

As a dedicated provider of specialist marine plant operatives, civils, groundworks and general construction personnel, Custodian People source talented candidates through our extensive industry network, referrals, specialist recruitment boards and open days. We’re constantly refreshing our resources to keep all our skills and knowledge up-to-date, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to our operatives.

We believe in open, honest values, and our team of auditors ensure that we’re fully compliant at all times - and clients are welcome to inspect our processes themselves!

Loyalty and quality are our watchwords, and we fully understand their importance when it comes to the retention of a dedicated core of labour. We’re committed to ensuring a reliable, continuous supply of labour whether it’s interim, temporary or long-term.

Supplying talented construction operatives for your business


We can provide short or long term personnel, on a temporary or permanent basis. We provide cost-effective personnel services covering a range of construction sectors, including:

  • Groundworks
  • Drainage
  • Formworks
  • Bricklayers
  • Marine civils
  • Earthworks
  • Civil Engineering
  • Dredging
  • Plant Operations
Custodian People


Custodian People specialises in the provision of well-trained specialist, appropriately skilled personnel for a wide range of construction sectors. Just a few of the roles we staff for include:

  • Truxor Operators
  • Tracked Dumper Operators
  • Tug Skippers
  • Deck Hands
  • Barge Masters
  • Divers
  • 0.5t to 850 Std or LR & TAB Operatives
Custodian People

If your labour demands are low, we can re-hire your staff and pay you for their time, evaporating your standing costs and eliminating the possibility of losing staff.

If your labour needs are particularly high, Custodian People can place a recruiter directly in your office to be a direct link, looking after all your staffing needs.


The key to success is quality across the board. Custodian People pride ourselves on providing you with excellent service, whether you’re one of our clients or one of our workers.

  • All our workers are fully reference-checked to certify skills, experience and commitment
  • We check all cards via the CITB site, as well as checking all other qualifications with their respective training bodies
  • We run face-to-face interviews wherever possible, and run regular contact and site visits
  • We supply our operatives with all the appropriate PPE where possible - hard hat, glasses, high-vis, gloves, etc.
  • Our core operatives are supplied with Custodian branded coats and trousers.
  • We brief all out candidates on our specific client’s expectations, requirements and work ethic.
  • We maintain insurance cover for any eventuality, damage or accidents that may occur on site (pending full investigations).
  • We provide staffing solutions that fit in-line with your seasonal requirements - we know that in this industry one size doesn’t fit all, and we do our utmost to deliver the best solution based on your needs.