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    About Custodian People

“It’s not just my business or yours, it’s my life”
Mark Parr - Director


Custodian People has been active in the industry for two years, and we’re committed to driving real change in the way companies handle their specialist recruitment, whether it be temporary or permanent. We serve as a dedicated recruitment partner for both short- or long-term operatives, and we maintain an extensive network of industry contacts to ensure that we can provide exactly the personnel with exactly the skills, qualifications and experience you need.


Custodian People are driven by the need to revolutionise the construction recruitment system - while many recruiters might be eager to help, only a specialist consultant can accurately assess exactly what you need and why. Our recruiters have direct experience with the roles you’re looking to fill, which gives us an understanding of the technical, practical and personal skills you need in your personnel. With Custodian People you’ll always be speaking with someone who speaks your language.

Our Aims

  • To engage with you at the earliest opportunity, to understand your company, project and role requirements, and match your skill and personnel needs
  • To work collaboratively, in a true partnership, to ensure your work gets completed to the highest standard
  • To deliver quality service that leaves employer and employee walking away happy and satisfied

We handle recruitment of both blue- and white-collar staff, taking on all the recruitment tasks and giving you stress-free delivery of the right people in the right positions for your business.

Our Drive

Custodian People focus our efforts on making each and every experience truly outstanding - and effective, open communication is key to that, whether by mobile, email or face-to-face on site. We stay with you every step of the way.

People are our business at Custodian, whether they’re our staff, our operatives, or our clients. We’re in it together, and we enjoy learning about you, your business and your projects!

"He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools." Confucius